In 2016, 56 million people gained access to work thanks to a private employment agency, including 41 million agency workers. Agency work continues to expand in most advanced economies, reaching a global sales revenue of €350 billion worldwide, representing roughly 70% of the global employment market revenue. In Brazil, temporary work accounted for 23% of jobs created in 2016. That number rises to 40% in France, clearly demonstrating its impact on economic growth and net job creation. Agency work is positively regarded as it gives workers the opportunity to demonstrate their ability and improves employment prospects and earnings in the short term. RPO also benefits from a positive image for both workers and organisations: companies that outsource recruitment report that their employees are more likely to rate themselves as highly engaged with their work, impacting profitability and growth. Finally, the data gathered by the World Employment Confederation indicates permanent staff placements via direct recruitment rose in 2016, supported by a strong underlying demand for staff in 2016.