The data gathered by the World Employment Confederation shows how private employment agencies secure access to talent by adding more jobs than most industries. In the US for instance, staffing agencies hired a total of 14.5 million temporary employees in 2016. Flexibility, speed, and access to talent are among the top benefits cited by organisations making use of agency work. 1 in 3 companies use private employment agencies to receive a better quality employee, investing 22% of their HR budget on staffing firms. But the services offered by the employment industry goes beyond flexibility and provides broader qualitative outcomes. For instance, evidence show organisations that invest in an RPO provider are able to reduce hiring costs on a year-over-year basis and improve time-to-hire. From the perspective of workers who face more and more transitions in the labour market, the innovative solutions created by the employment industry are crucial for them to maintain social security and employability in the future of work.